Is It Possible To Have College Recruiting Failure?

200193320-001Can there really be failure in the college recruiting process?


We constantly talk about college recruiting strategies where a particular student athlete may eventually land at the completion of the recruiting process.

What is overlooked is college recruiting failure.

We are focused on all the information on a few student athletes that we never mention those student athletes who may not get to the college level at all.

I’ve often wondered why seemingly talented student athletes slip through the cracks of the recruiting process, some even to the point where they don’t go to college ever.

We already know the obvious reasons why many student athletes don’t reach the college level.

Lack of exposure is one possible reason for not reaching the college level.

The coach not doing anything to help with recruiting is a common issue I hear from student athletes and parents.

The number one obvious issue is academics.

I was talking with a young man recently and he was telling me about his cousin who is a very good basketball player.

I don’t really know for sure how good his cousin is, but that’s what he told me.

I asked him a question about the SAT tests and asked if his cousin has taken the test.

What he said to me next was very shocking but not surprising. He told me his cousin did not need to take the SAT because he was going to play basketball at a college in their home state.


When I heard that statement I could not believe how this young man was told by someone that he did not have to take the standardized tests to play college basketball in his home state.

That statement led me to believe that there must be a whole lot of mis-information out there about recruiting and academics.

What other incorrect information out there could be stuck in the minds of student athletes and parents?

Some people believe what they want to believe about recruiting and you can’t convince them otherwise.

Do you agree?

I think it’s possible for many student athletes to have recruiting failure because they don’t know what they’re doing.

If you’re a talented high school student athlete, the athletic side of competition is easy for you.

All student athletes have a certain level of talent which is more than likely going to help them gain the attention of college coaches, to a certain degree.

Everyone should know about standardized tests and this particular young man had those thoughts about standardized tests engraved in his brain. It’s amazing because those thoughts will never leave his mind.

How many other student athletes and parents believe certain things about recruiting?

When in reality, probably most of the information they have is totally false and inaccurate.

There may be millions of parents of student athletes who believe in a certain aspect of recruiting when their approach towards recruiting somehow is misguided.

There are some who believe that if you have a high grade point average, straight “A” student that the standardized test scores have no impact whatsoever on attracting college programs.

We all know this is wrong!

Even still to this day there are parents, without thinking twice about it, who will take their child out of one high school and transfer him or her to a new high school because it has a great athletic reputation.

They believe by moving to a new high school this will improve their student athlete’s chances of getting a full athletic scholarship.

If that were true, all of the top talent in a particular city or town would be in the top two or three schools in that area.

If it were true that a particular high school had some kind of secret formula over all the other high schools as it relates to exposure to college coaches in recruiting and getting scholarships, then there would be a line around the block for student athletes registering to attend that school.

I’m sure many of you who are reading this have probably heard some crazy college recruiting story that caused the student athlete to not go to college or end up at a college program beneath their athletic ability.

I’m going to give all of you a little homework assignment.

What is the worst story that you’ve heard that has caused a student athlete to not get into college or to end up at a college program beneath their athletic ability?

Give me your strong opinions on this subject.

Also, if there’s anyone out there whom you feel could benefit from this blog post feel free to e-mail it to them.

6 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Have College Recruiting Failure?

  1. Had one Student who thought it was more important to go to a Birthday Party and not meet with a college coach we set a visit with. He didn’t get an offer and word spread and he did get any offers!!

    • Wow, that’s an amazing story. You’re going to always have a birthday but a scholarship opportunity only comes around once. Student athletes need to get their priorities together.

  2. This is I must say a classic “Hood Rat” mind set ! Regardless of whatever your goals are in life, you MUST have wise advisers in your life, as the bible preaches.And I understand that some people just may not have access to those resources. It is really sad when these situations happen to kids.Parents that can be honest with themselves, should humble out and reach out to all of the resources with in their respective schools, and churches as well.Parents that have basic internet access can do some of the leg work themselves to prevent this blind leading the blind kind of behavior.

    • Unfortunately with all the technology available and resources some parents still refuse to take it upon themselves to do basic research that could potentially get there kid a college scholarship opportunity.

  3. Yeah I coach AAU and try to tell kids all the time about how not to fail but you always have one who doesn’t listen because they feel like you don’t know the deal…

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