Video: Swedish Hockey Player Pulls the Old “Goal off the Back of the Goalie’s Head” Trick

Oscar Milton, a 17-year-old center for Almtuna J20 of Sweden’s HockeyAllsvenskan league, pulls off this incredibly sick goal that is eerily reminiscent of Michigan’s Mike Legg and his infamous, lacrosse type goal from 1996, only much better.

Yeah, I said better.  Instead of just throwing the puck in the net like Legg did, Milton decides to bank the puck in off the back of the head of Nacka’s unsuspecting goalie.  The poor netminder is rendered totally defenseless as Milton bounces the puck off his head and into the net.

Video follows the jump…

Hopefully the Nacka defenseman learned a thing or two about how to pull off that trick himself, since he stood there and watched the whole thing unfold like a John Wayne movie.

So, is this the goal of the year?  If you ask me, all signs point to yes.

[H/T to Puck Daddy]

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