Tayshaun Prince bristles at notion that his best days are behind him

Dan Feldman has pointed out his belief that Tayshaun Prince‘s frustrations are boiling over largely because he simply can’t handle being in a losing situation. And not just in a “he doesn’t like to lose” kind of way, more a “losing turns him into a malcontent” kind of way.

Prince said as much in a conversation with Fanhouse’s Sam Amick. But he also talked about something else that bothers him: people acting as if he’s past his prime at the (relatively) young age of 30:

“I’ve got a lot left, man,” he said. “I think where people go wrong at is when I got hurt last year and missed six weeks due to a back injury, all of a sudden it’s, ‘Tayshaun is breaking down.’ People say that to make the rumors and things like that, but I feel great. I’d never put a limit on how many years I can play, but I’ll just play until my body tells me it’s time to stop.”

As one of the people out there who might’ve been accused of writing of his decline prematurely, I do feel a bit differently now. Prince, although I’ve been no fan of the way he’s played this season, is still obviously very skilled and would help a contending team. He’s also looked healthy the entire second half last year and all season so far this year.

Prince also, interestingly, discusses free agency in the Fanhouse piece, specifically that he doesn’t intend to come back to the Pistons out of the goodness of his heart. He intends to play for the team that wants him and what he’s capable of producing most, kind of debunking one of the theories floating around out there, that the Pistons might try and bring him back at a cheaper rate.

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